Published 11/15/2022

Making the abstract concrete

Do you understand inflation? To be honest, I don’t. How does it come to be, how do you keep it in check, what’s the impact on me and on our society? A lot of questions, mostly unanswered.

So what is inflation? The text book says inflation is the rate at which the prices for stuff is rising and, consequently, your purchasing power is falling apart. But because most of us aren’t made for the abstract, how do we visualise it and make it concrete?

By letting you see, touch and feel your money, Tjing puts you in control of your money. In an increasingly interconnected and abstract world, it’s more important than ever to understand what you have and how you spend your pennies.

Inflation and many other abstract concepts are on our roadmap to make concrete and intuitive. If you have kids, sign up today to see how they can learn about money!