Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you call it Tjing?

First: it’s pronounced “ch-ing”. It’s the sound of a-super-famous-artist-coming-into-a-bar-like-a-criminal-and-tossing-a-coin… Search for something along these lines and you’ll see.

Is it real money?

No, but what is money really? Just like your bank owes you the number you see on your account, you owe your kids the money you have “tjinged” them. You are the bank. Don’t go bankrupt!

How does the Tjing family account work?

You sign up to a Tjing family account with your phone number and then create wallets for your family members. The easiest way to open your kid’s wallet on their device is by sharing them the link to their wallet. You can also log in with the family account on their devices using your phone number and then open their wallet.

Is Tjing more fun with two devices?

Yes! If your kid has a phone or a tablet, install Tjing on that device. First you log in with your family account and then you open your kid’s wallet.

How do I do if my kids doesn’t have a device?

Then we recommend that the kid has her wallet on one the other parent’s device. It’s important for the kids to see the money being “tjinged” to them.

How do my kids pay with Tjing?

Because it’s not real money, they “tjing” you when they like to buy something and you pay for them.

Can my two kids share one device?

No. We used to support this but it turned out to be crazy hard to control. For example, we got reports from parents that their kids used each other’s money (not good!)

Can my kids send money to each other?

Of course! See Activities to keep track of what they send to each other.

Can my kids set up savings goals?

Yes! At the bottom of the Create menu (lower right corner) there’s a target symbol. Tap that and give your goal a name and an amount. To see your progress, simply tap and hold the target in your wallet!

Why do I need a parent wallet?

This is because you need to create money somewhere, to be able to give them to your kids.

Is it possible to be more than one parent?

No, not right now. If you like to invite your better half to Tjing, log in with your family account on their device and open the parent wallet. You share the parent wallet from that point on.

Why do I have to login again to open my parent wallet?

This is to prevent your kids from creating a lot of money and enriching themselves.

Will Tjing offer real money and a debit card in the future?

That’s the plan!