Published 1/26/2023
By Mikael Emtinger

Money and wallets you care for

I like it colourful, sugary and juicy. Most of us do, I bet you do, too. So it's really strange that the representation of our beloved money have been slashed down to just the opposite - a grey, bitter and dry number. Who cares about a number?

We at Tjing wants money to feel great again. Because if it feels great, you care. And if you care, you are in control. Our glimmering coins already make our customers care but to make you care even more, we've opened a new chapter: wallets.


These three amazing wallets, carefully crafted of the finest digital fur in the universe are just the first in an endless stream of creative wallets on our roadmap.

So if you're a parent who like your kids to care about money, why not try us? We think you - and especially your kids, will love it.