Published 4/19/2023
By Marcus Ivarsson


Every overworked parent deserves a trampoline. It is a blessing from the sky. The kids jump until midnight and while having the time of their life they work out and improve both coordination and balance (and practise the social skill of yelling at each other..) Meanwhile, the tired parent can sit down for a moment and read a good book or finally tackle that guitar solo they never nailed - completely free from parenting guilt. Few things make you happier as a parent than happy kids doing healthy things on their own.

There is one and only one reason a trampoline is a blessing: It is FUN. Super fun even! Strangely fun almost.

And as such the trampoline is one of the most concrete examples of how play stimulates learning. Schools don’t get this. Video game companies do. And trampoline makers.

At Tjing we use the principle of play to get kids interested in their economy. They are growing up in a digital world where everything is fun, and they simply cannot cope with boring. They hate it. So there is no other way to compete for their attention than making things fun. Digital banks are not very good at that. Name one digital touchpoint in your life that is more boring than your bank experience?

Our goal is to help our kids become independent actors that can shape their own future and the future for all of us. To do that they need to understand and control their own finances by heart. They grow up in a world where they can waste all that they have on crypto, NFTs, Roblox and other forms of digital assets with the click of a button, and if we don’t prepare them well, we are afraid that they might do just that.

The most entertaining outcome is the most likely according to Musk.

We agree.