Published 11/23/2022
By Mikael Emtinger and Kalle Nilvér

Money and sustainability

COP27 has ended and we've taken another step towards a sustainable future. Of course we could have hoped for more action but there are positive signs of progress. Some signals in the growing noise of green development include U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping agreeing to resume cooperation on climate change, VC investments in green technologies ramping up and personally I see a sense of urgency among friends and family.

The pale blue dot where it all happens

We started Tjing to help accelerate the world towards sustainability. We help the next generation understand how much money they have and make them spend them mindfully. We think spending money mindfully is crucial to speed up the transition.

We also aim to make it crazy simple and fun to invest in technologies and to give to projects and solutions that move the needle. This is why from our inception we have had a close relationship with GoClimate. Check out their great work here:

If you have kids and like to get a sense of what Tjing is all about, sign up today and let them experience their money. It's a small but important first step towards a sustainable future.