Published 2/10/2022

Let’s Align

The list of brands that I hold dear can be counted on my ten toes. For me, only ten people did their job well, like really

I think all business founders wish to create a brand that their customers would go to war with — a brand they push to their friends and foes, no matter what. I’m also pretty sure there’s no silver bullet-recipe for how to put hearts on fire, but maybe there are some common strategies for go-to-war-brands?

One thing that stands out among my ten-toe-brands, is that their incentives are aligned with me — we’re in the same squad (OK, dropping the corny war analogies now). The brands I love are honest, transparent, they support me and want me to step up, be the better me.

A lot of the infighting and division we see in our societies can probably be ascribed to skewed incentives between the social network companies and their users. Their business model and economic incentive is all about screwing me. They use tons of energy to hack my inferior brain, to make me an ad-gobbling zombie. That me is not the best me. (No social network among my tens.)

This misalignment can be found all over, in companies making cigarettes, booze, fuels, maybe some gaming companies. Sadly, many financial services are in this bag too — quick loans and credit schemes grow like weed. It’s never been so smooth to buy something you can’t afford, and the consequences for the individual can be devastating.

We want Tjing to be aligned with you, always. What is truly good for you, is good for your family, friends and society and yes: for Tjing too — altruism is in the end egoism.

This is a promise we will work hard to keep, because if we do, we think the young will be wiser and more compassionate with their wealth than any previous generation.